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11 août 2021 3 11 /08 /août /2021 11:10

Pour répondre à la demande de ceux qui m'ont interpellé concernant une partie du dernier texte mis en ligne, j'ai trouvé utile de mettre à la disposition des lecteurs un article couvrant le sujet. Le voilà :

Iranians slam Macron for congratulating 'Butcher of Tehran' Raisi

French President Emmanuel Macron drew criticism from Iranian activists after he congratulated Iran's new president, Ebrahmin Raisi, also known as the “Butcher of Tehran.”


JP - AUGUST 10, 2021 17:38

Prominent Iranian human rights activists blasted French President Emmanuel Macron for his Monday congratulatory statement to the Iranian regime’s new president Ebrahmin Raisi.

Masih Alinejad, Iranian-American journalist and women’s rights activist, tweeted “We the people of Iran will never forget this historical betrayal . President of a democratic country congratulates a mass murderer like Raisi, who's ordered the execution of more than 5000 political prisoners in the 80s. He also approved the execution of a French-Iranian journalist.”

She added that "France's President has today called to congratulate Ebrahim Raisi, Iran's new president who has committed crimes against humanity.        Mr. Macron: did you ever think of calling the family of Ruhollah Zam, French-Iranian who was kidnapped by Islamic Republic and executed?”

Delbar Tavakoli, an award-winning Iranian journalist, tweeted  “President Macron, did you ask him why they kidnapped Ruhollah Zam, and why did he approve the execution of a journalist? Ruhollah Zam was under French officials' protection, was he?@EmmanuelMacron.”

Iranians use the moniker “Butcher of Tehran” for Raisi due to his role in the mass murder of Iranians in 1988 and 2019. The US sanctioned Raisi for his grave human rights violations.

Jason M. Brodsky, senior Middle East analyst at Iran International, a London-based news organization, told The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday that ” I think it was telling that the French readout of the conversation between Macron and Raisi didn’t reference a congratulation but the Iranian readout did. Western leaders days into Raisi’s tenure are already treading carefully in attempts to build relationships with the new Iranian presidential administration. It will be harder to engage with Raisi than Rouhani because Raisi’s ascendance represents Iran’s deep state becoming its elected state.

He added that ” It’s the first time in the history of the Islamic Republic that a Chief Justice has become President. Someone with a blood stained record like Raisi will have a more difficult time on the world stage than Rouhani did. And the costs of engagement will increase under this presidency.

Macron has opposed banning the Iranian regime’s chief strategic partner, Hezbollah, in France and within the European Union.

The conversation between Raisi and Macron lasted an hour and covered the floundering nuclear talks in Vienna and an attack on a tanker off Oman in Gulf carried out by Iran’s regime, according to the US, UK and Israel. Iran's regime denied the attack.

The Post sent a press query to the French government about Macron’s congratulatory comment to Raisi. The Post reported that two additional Western leaders, the presidents of Switzerland and Austria, have congratulated Raisi.

So …. how can Europe (how can France - MB) pay homage to a country that has made the destruction of the Jewish state and hatred of America its principal banner? How can it celebrate a government that invites and honours those who plan the murder of women and children on buses and pizzerias and supplies them with money?


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